About Us



Leopardstown Heights is an active community comprising 369 households.We are perched in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains with Three Rock Mountain to the South and sea views extending from Killiney Hill in the East and across Dublin Bay to Howth to the North.

The houses radiate out from our wide open green space which acts as a buffer from the hustle and bustle of the nearby M50.


Mission of the Association

  • Encourage active participation by all residents
  • Improve communications
  • Regular clean-ups
  • Monitor trees, street lamps, graffiti
  • Seasonal planting
  • Social Events, Santa, Soccer, Fun Day.


Area Boundaries:

Leopardstown  Heights is bounded by Murphystown Way, Kilgobbin Road and Leopardstown Road.

There are three entrances:  Mount Eagle Way, Mount Eagle Lawn and Mount Eagle Park.

The estate comprises of the following 10 roads:

  • Mount Eagle Way
  • Mount Eagle View
  • Mount Eagle Grove
  • Mount Eagle Court

  • Mount Eagle Rise
  • Mount Eagle Green
  • Mount Eagle Lawn

  • Mount Eagle Drive
  • Mount Eagle Park
  • Murphystown Road