LHRA AGM Minutes 2010

Leopardstown Heights Residents Association


Minutes of Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 16th June 2010 @ 7.30pm

 in The Step Inn



In Attendance:  Sharon Kyne – Chairperson, Dave O’Gorman Treasurer, John Ryder Secretary, Suzanne Brennan & Maria Conway Greens & Sports & Social, Billy Wallace Roads.


Public Representatives Present: DLRCoCo  Councillors – Lette McCarthy Cathaoirleach (Labour) , Tom Murphy FF.


The meeting congratulated Lette McCarthy on her recent appointment as Cathaoirleach

of DLRCoCo.





The secretary gave a synopsis of the AGM minutes for 2009 and advised the meeting that they would be on the website as soon as we could get someone with the technical ability to help us.

The secretary yet again made an impassioned plea for more members.




The Current Account showed a balance of €5,006. Subs for the year have yet to be collected. Interest was significantly down on last year.


It was again noted that had we not had access to Capital Account interest LHRA would have required €70 subscription per contributing household just to manage its activities.


Sharen Kyne proposed the accounts which were seconded by Kevin Quigley.





Maria Conway gave a report on the Sports & Social committee.


There was no Fun Day due to High Level Water works on the Green.


Santa as usual proved a big hit with the kids and just about had enough goodies to hand out.


The Soccer competition entered its 11th year and was as successful as always due to the help of a lot of residents. It continues to be great fun and a super way of parents and children getting to know each other. The competition was great for encouraging community spirit.


Like all the committees sports & Social is looking for volunteers.





Suzanne Brennan thanked Fionnula Callan for all her help & efforts down through the years. As with all the other committees the Greens need some new members.

The Clean Up day had been a success with a new Planter at the top of the Green & three new bird boxes and the usual coverage in the local Panorama magazine.

Application had been made to this year’s Tidy Towns with judging occurring shortly.


The MUGA and play features on the Green had been a great success although there had been some vandalism with graffiti on the MUGA and the burning of a rope snake which will not be replaced by the Council.


It is hoped that residents can be active on the Green so as to discourage anti-social behaviour and keep the area as a pleasant place to walk and use.


A wild meadow area is planned for the Green in the coming year with the advice of DLRCoCo.


The committee are trying to keep the grass verges at the entrances to the estate mowed on a regular basis.


There was concern about resident’s cars parking on the Green and the “encouragement” this may give to LUAS parkers to do likewise.


An appeal will be made to residents in the next newsletter.


The perennial subject of the trees within the estate was raised again. All the public tress in the estate are too big and are dangerous on a number of grounds, namely breaking of footpaths, breaking of pipes running underneath and blocking out street lights especially in the winter months.


A number of residents have contacted DLRCoCo to complain & have been told no trees will be cut down unless they are diseased and may not be replaced.


It was suggested that if a group could get together as an Association deputation with all their evidence and some ideas, that they might stand a better chance of getting progressing the situation.





LUAS & Parking


Lette McCarthy agreed with the meeting that the arrival of the LUAS in October 2010 would inevitably bring parking problems which would be faced by a number of the residents associations in the area.


Pedestrian and cycle access was to be installed between Aiken Village and Sandyford Hall and it was hoped that this might significantly reduce LUAS traffic from Aiken village.

It was felt that DLRCoCo would not be amenable to single yellow lines within the estate which would preclude parking within business hours as they would want some parking in the estates surrounding the LUAS.


Tom Murphy advised the meeting that he had applied for 78 parking spaces in the Stone Works


Lette took the meeting through the process for obtaining metered parking within the estate.



Since its introduction on The Lawn the process had changed as follows;

  • There must first be clear evidence of a parking problem
  • A council engineer will confirm this by survey
  • The Special Parking Committee which meets quarterly must make a recommendation to the Councillors.
  • A clear majority of the residents on the particular road must agree to the metered parking, DLRCoCo only recognise votes based on the register of electors and it is one vote per household
  • There will be some input allowed between residents and council on the exact layout of the system
  • The councillors must approve by simple majority
  • Funds need to be allotted and work carried out


It was suggested that in order to speed things up approval in principle might be obtained on a road by road basis as soon as possible.


Kevin Quigley of The Lawn spoke passionately about the problems they had prior to meter parking which arose mainly from builders accessing Central Park. There was verbal abuse bordering at times on physical, blocked driveways, and even parking in driveways.

While residents on principle find it objectionable to have metered parking outside their front doors the alternative was far worse.





Sharen Kyne, who graciously put herself forward as Chairperson after the 2009 AGM, was duly re-elected. Dave O’Gorman & John Ryder were re-elected as Treasurer and Secretary respectively. Billy Wallace was re-elected on the Roads committee and Suzanne Brennan & Maria Conway were re-elected to the Greens and Sports & Social committee respectively.




There was no other business the meeting concluded.