LHRA AGM Minutes 2011

Leopardstown Heights Residents Association

Minutes of reconvened Annual General Meeting held in Stepaside Inn.at 8.00pm on Wednesday 23rd November

The original Annual General Meeting was convened in June 2011 but as there was no quorum no action could be taken on the election of committee members or the new constitution.



In Attendance: Sharen Kyne, Chairperson; Dave O’Gorman Treasurer; John Ryder Secretary; Billy Wallace Roads; Suzanne Brennan Greens; Maria Conway Sports & Social and Susan Behan of Kearney McCarthy solicitors.

The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting for 2011 and advised that as there was a quorum the meeting could proceed.


Minutes 2010 – There was a brief summary of the minutes of last year’s AGM by the Secretary John Ryder covering the re instatement of the Green after conclusion of the high level water scheme and the imminent arrival of the LUAS and the concern about the parking problems it could bring.


Finances – The Treasurer Dave O’Gorman gave a brief talk on the Accounts to June 2011. Subscription levels had risen from 42% in 2009/2010 to 49% in 2010/2011.


The accounts were proposed by Eileen McHugh and seconded by Fionnula Callan.


Roads – Billy Wallace reviewed the work of the Roads committee for the year. In the past Roads were mainly concerned with planning appeals where the services of professional planners were acquired to lodge objections on behalf of the residents. In the current climate the need for such work had all but died away. There was talk of Tom Murphy seeking planning permission for a number of Houses/Apartments at  the marble works . The situation would be monitored and appeals made in the event of planning permission being sought.


The High Level Water Scheme for the area which had seen the Green dug up was completed. This should give rise to greater water pressure, continuity of supply and cater for the future development needs of the area.


The LUAS commenced service in October 2010 and had been a great benefit to the area.


The major concerns over the estate turning into a park and ride facility had not materialized to the extent envisioned. The situation should be monitored by residents and advised to the committee if any major concerns arise


The New Murphystown Way road was officially opened in June and has reduced traffic flows on the old Murphytown Road and the Drive. Concerns were raised about;


  • Cars being unaware that the Murphytown Road was a  cul-de-sac and this will be taken up with the Council
  • The fact that parking on the Murphystown Road could prevent access by emergency vehicles. Some double yellow lines are due to be installed and the situation will be monitored
  • Traffic coming in thru the Way especially in the mornings is oblivious to cars coming up the View from their right and there have been a number of near misses
  • Can the No Right Turn from the Kilgobbin Road be enforced as recently 26  cars were seen entering the estate form Kilgobbin Road between 8.00am and 8.10am
  • There was concern that traffic coming down the Leopardstown Road extension past the new exit at the Lawn was not aware until late that they were approaching traffic lights

These concerns will be raised with the Council/Garda as appropriate.

A rock with the estates name will be placed at the junction of the old & new Murphytown Roads.

The conclusion of landscaping of green areas at the Lawn & Park has been complicated by the fact that the road builders S.M. Morris have gone into receivership. The committee is hopeful that all landscaping will be concluded before Christmas.

Traffic lights have been installed on the roundabout over the M50 due to engineers concerns about increasing tailbacks onto the M50 by cars exiting to access the Leopardstown Road

A deputation to DLRCoCo facilitated by Lette McCarthy took place in October 2010 to discuss the feared LUAS parking, uneven footpaths within the estate and tree pruning.

The basic message would appear to be that there is a lack of funds and therefore such issues are not high on the Council agenda.

The fact that the trees planted are far too big for the estate has been the major cause for uneven footpaths and trees obscuring any light from streetlights.

While the Council may at the request of some residents do pruning of trees that are causing a particular nuisance/danger they will not do so on an estate wide basis.



The “Wild Meadow” at the top of the green was developing nicely. The Clean Up day was well attended with a Barbeque and Oxfam Van which was very well contributed to.

Tidy Towns – the estate has through the efforts of the Greens committee achieved 2nd place in 2 out of 3 of the years it entered. The committee has Graffiti removal materials should any of the residents note a requirement for them. A large Planter has been put down in     The grass verges at the Way are kindly being maintained by residents in the vicinity.

The committee would love to achieve a 1st place in next year’s Tidy Towns but this will not be possible without the help of residents. All we need is for residents to keep their lawns and immediate area around their houses neat and tidy; it really doesn’t take much time if it is attended to on a regular basis.

Concern was voiced about Dog Owners and the fact that they apparently bag their dogs “doings” and then drop the bags in various places around the estate instead of disposing of the bags at home.

The committee is considering the erection of a fence in the area of the MUGA to separate the estate form the vacant land behind it.


Sports & Social

The Annual Soccer Tournament started by Suzanne Brennan and Fiona Letmon continued to be a great success and enjoyed by a lot of children. It continues to be a great way for children and parents to get to know each other.

The continued support of parents willing to act as coaches and referees was appreciated but like all committees there is an on-going need for volunteers.

Santa will be visiting Leopardstown Heights on Sunday 11th December starting at about 3.30pm. This has been a great success in the past with some children presenting Santa with drawings and letters.



The Chairperson urged residents to stay in touch with what was going on the estate through the Website and Facebook so that they can know what’s happening and let other residents know about matters that might concern them.

It is up to the residents to make this community what they want it to be. The Committee are always looking for volunteers and the more we have the less work that has to be done by everyone. Volunteers don’t have to be on a committee, They can simply put their name forward as being willing to help with Greens, Sports & Social, and Roads or with the Website etc.



The existing constitution was drafted some 20 years ago and the updated version is an attempt to define a member, create clear polices to govern the association setting out responsibilities and procedures more clearly. Susan Behan of Kearney McCarthy solicitors who were consulted in the drafting of the new constitution was on hand to answer queries. Certain suggestions were made from the floor regarding possible minor alterations to the constitution such as notifying members when funds fell below a pre-set level. It was agreed that any such changes could be looked at and brought forward to a future Annual General meeting. The meeting was represented by 33 houses and each household present had a vote. 29 of the houses voted in favour of the new constitution which is 88% of those present and as this was greater than the 75% needed the new constitution was duly adopted.

The Draw was then held for the Radisson Hotel gift voucher and was duly won by Catherine Murphy Crowe


Election of Committee Members

The meeting re-elected the following;

Chairperson – Sharen Kyne

Treasurer – Dave O’Gorman

Secretary – John Ryder

Greens – Suzanne Brennan

Sports & Social – Maria Conway

With some encouragement form the existing committee a number of volunteers offered their services to the various committees.


Those present thanked the Committees for all their hard work in maintaining and improving Leopardstown Heights.


There being no further business the meeting then concluded.