LHRA AGM Minutes 2014

Leopardstown Heights Residents Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held in Stepaside Inn.at 8.00pm on Wednesday 19th June 2013



In Attendance: Sharen Kyne, Chairperson; Dave O’Gorman Treasurer; John Ryder Secretary; Billy Wallace Roads; Suzanne Brennan Greens; Maria Conway Sports & Social

Councillors – Lette McCarthy, Tom Murphy and Neale Richmond.

Minutes 2012 – There was a brief summary of the minutes of last year’s AGM by the Secretary John Ryder.

Finances – The Treasurer Dave O’Gorman gave a brief talk on the Accounts to June 2013. Subscription levels had fallen slightly from 55% in 2011/2012 to 47% in 2012/2013. The major items of Expenditure were for extensive planting around the Green, the Pillars at the entrance to the Lawn and costs associated with the New Constitution.


LUAS Parking – while this had not turned out to be as bad as predicted it was still an issue especially in the Park, Murphystown Road, Court and Drive. The Council would be reluctant to take any measures unless the solution was agreed to by all the affected residents. Park & Ride was an unlikely option given the high cost of installation for the Council. Any situations which arise that are viewed as a danger should be notified to the Councillors and the Gardaí.

Concern was raised regarding pedestrians running, sometimes blindly across the road for the LUAS at the Park pedestrian crossing.

A pedestrian crossing at Sandyford Hall should be installed by year end.

Dangerous Footpaths are to be reinstated around the estate.

The 1st Phase of the Samuel Beckett on the Ballyogan Road incorporating Astro Pitches, Bike Track should begin construction before year end. Phase 2 incorporating a library will be looked at when finance has been put in place.

The cycle run in the nearby Tree Rock area is to be extended from 8km to 14km.


Recent years had seen the completion of the High Level Water scheme through the estate, the arrival of the LUAS, and Murphystown Way road. All these works had brought general improvements to Leopardstown Heights.

The arrival of the LUAS and the sale of the Ulster Bank car park in Central Park had not brought parking problems as bad as had been envisioned, but the situation will be kept under review.

Two of the three entrances have been completed. The finishing off of The Way would only occur within the Kilgobbin/Blackglen Road improvement scheme which was part of a 6 year plan by DLRCoCo.

There were on-going discussions with Noel Smyth about fencing off the area around the MUGA to restrict antisocial access. This depended on NAMA, Planning and pricing. It was hoped by Noel Smyth that the previous plan for 100 apartments would be replaced by houses at some point in the future.

It was hoped to have a deputation to the Council in September/October to discuss the following;

  • On-going problem of the public trees within Leopardstown Heights which are too big
  • On-going an developing problems with footpaths due mainly to the trees
  • The obtrusive Parking signage at the Murphystown Way entrance
  • The derelict site at the back of the MUGA
  • General access and directional signage into Leopardstown Heights

The committee acknowledged the donation of the large rock at the Murphystown Way entrance by Tom Murphy.

There were concerns voiced about congregating and drinking occurring at the large Rock at the top of the Lawn and at the MUGA. It was proposed that the Rock be moved to a position that would be less likely to lead to such activities and that the Gardaí be informed about the MUGA whenever drinking is noticed.

Greens – There were continuing issues regarding grass verges not being maintained and trying to encourage residents to keep the green areas outside their houses tidy and dog fouling which appeared to be endemic within the estate.

There was another successful Clean Up Day with young kids keenly involved.

The Oxfam clothes collection proved very successful.

The council would look again at the problem of low hanging branches and the perennial problem of the existing trees being too big.

The council is to provide a sweeper for the kerbs on the last Thursday of every month.

The Greens committee desperately needs volunteers if even just to help out with work on the Greens as the same faces appear whenever work is required.

The committee also wished to acknowledge the work carried out on the Greens by the ex-Chairman Fionnula Callan.


Sports & Social – Santa was yet again a great success thanks all the volunteers and the supply of lighting and transport.

The Soccer Tournament goes from strength to strength with 86 children participating.

Centra donated crisps & 7 Up while a resident supplied Ribena.

The barbeque proved to be very popular and big thanks to Linda-McCarthy-Spain who kindly purchased the burgers.


Councillors – The meeting was attended by Councillors Lette McCarthy, Tom Murphy and Neale Richmond who informed the meeting of a number of developments;

It was hoped to install a Pedestrian Crossing to Sandyford Hall at the old Murphystown Road.

Landscaping of the entrances at the Lawn and opposite the Gallops would hopefully commence over the summer.

Funding has been approved for the Samuel Beckett Civic Centre on the Ballyogan Road but it could be some 18 months before work could commence following final planning.

Rosemount School on the Enniskerry Road opposite Aiken Village has excellent facilities which it is hoped could be made available to local communities.



Stepaside Garda Station was closed down in March 2013 after 80 years. The policing of Stepaside has been incorporated into Dundrum Garda Station. There are 4 Community Officers, 1 of which will be responsible for the Leopardstown area.

Garda Contact – 6665700 or 6665600

Garda Clinics Glencullen Library – 2 -4 each Tuesday and Sandyford Community Centre, Lambs Cross

7 – 9 each Wednesday.

There was concern that the closure of Stepaside would lead to a further stretched Garda and a consequent increase in crime and anti-social behaviour.


1 January to 18 March (Stepaside closure) 2 burglaries

18 March to June 1 theft form a car, 2 Burglaries and 2 criminal damage

Garda need to be advised of all criminal acts.

Gardaí advised the meeting that in regard to mobile phone thefts that everyone should keep their phones unique IMI number safe. The 14 digit number is usually under the battery or by dialling the following on the mobile *#06#.

Bike serial numbers should also be noted, with Gumtree apparently popular for the sale of stolen bikes.


Any Other Business

Website – it was essential that the website be improved so that greater use could be made of it in keeping residents up to date.

It was agreed that Open meetings would be held every 2nd month to encourage greater involvement by residents.


Election of Committee Members – The meeting re-elected the following;

Chairperson – Sharen Kyne

Treasurer – Dave O’Gorman

Secretary – John Ryder

Greens – Suzanne Brennan

Sports & Social – Maria Conway

Emma Slowe and Angela Baker joined as general Committee members after the meeting.

With some encouragement from the existing committee a number of volunteers offered their services to the various committees.

Those present thanked the Committees for all their hard work in maintaining and improving Leopardstown Heights.


There being no further business the meeting then concluded.