Glencairn Planning


Life is NOT a beach!!!

Builders Folly, or: How crazy can you get!
A 405-unit Monstrosity!

The latest danger in our Area is an Application for Planning Permission from Glencairn Developments Ltd., Seven Heads, Butlerstown, Bandon, Co. Cork.
Its Reference No. is: D04A/1115 and this application was received on: 01-Oct-2004.
Those of you, who came to our meeting in the Step Inn, will know about these ugly plans.
The proposed site is the strip of land between the Murphystown Road and the M50, that was recently sold for €18 Mio.!

They want to erect 405 apartments in 6 blocks, consisting of:

  • 71 1-bedroom apartments
  • 292 2-bedroom apartments
  • 42 3-bedroom apartments

These are to be split over the following apartment blocks:

  • Block A: 5 storey plus Penthouse, 33 units
  • Block B: 5 storey plus Penthouse, 40 units
  • Block C: 8 storey, 108 units
  • Block D: 8 storey, 63 units
  • Block E: 8 storey, 32 units
  • Block F: 8 storey, 129 units, including, wait for it…
    a monstrous 17 storey tower element!

They further want to include 639 car spaces, and God knows why,670 bicycle spaces!

We felt we had to do something about this, and we did!

We would like to thank all the people in our area (and beyond) who have taken the time and made the effort, to send in their OBJECTIONS. 
More positive reactions from our Area!

It has come to our attention that a great number of our fellow-residents have answered our call, to send in objections.
The latest count was well over 120! Thank you all.
This is probably a record for the DLRCoCo.
Our campaign continues:
we want plans like the above quashed once and for all! 

“Receipt for Submission” from DLRCoCo

When you receive a Receipt for Submission from the Dun Laoghaire-Rathmines County Council, for the Objection that you made to the Apartment-Block Monstrosity, make sure to keep it safe in a place, that you can remember.
These letters may be needed, when we make an appeal to
An Board Pleanala!
Thank you.