Road Closure

Temporary Closure of Mount Eagle Way

As all residents are well aware the closure went ahead. If you have comments related to the closure please feel free to contact the residents association by email or post public comments on this web site.
Comments both positive and negative are welcome.

Temporary Closure of Mount Eagle Way

Re. Temporary Closure of Mount Eagle Way (Section 75 Roads Act 1993)

Dear Resident, Monday, 9th October, 2006

Re. Traffic Survey in Leopardstown Heights

Many thanks to all that attended the Public Meeting on the Green in September to discuss the recent increase in “rat-running” and commuter traffic using Leopardstown Heights for access. The LHRA took away all views that were expressed on the evening, and shared these with our elected representatives, DLRCoCo Transport Department, local Gardaí and Garda Traffic.
We are very pleased to announce that following a strategy meeting with Cllr. Lettie McCarthy leading to direct contact with the Snr. Executive Engineer, DLRCoCo Transportation, and a motion tabled by Cllr. Maria Corrigan for Council to implement a Temporary Road Closure to prevent the daily occurrence of “rat-running” and commuter traffic, the Council are prepared to commence the process of placing a Temporary Road Closure on Mount Eagle Way.
The LHRA have requested that Council hold-off on the above action pending a survey of all Residents so as a reasonable and fair consensus can be recorded. Please could we ask that you take the time to review the below points, and indicate if you are in favour, or not in favour, of the measure. This Survey Form is being distributed and collected on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th October, 2006. The responses will be collated by LHRA, and presented to Council on Friday, 13th October, 2006.

the traffic measures pursued by LHRA, our elected representatives and local Gardaí in recent years (improved road markings, traffic signs and no left/right hand turn signs) have unfortunately not eradicated the “rat-running” and speeding commuter traffic in the area, rather these are now at record levels. The placing of a Temporary Road Closure is a last desperate measure to prevent a serious accident.
this is a temporary measure being requested by Residents, solely in the interest of the safety of residents and their children.
there is no one single “perfect” location for placing a Temporary Road Closure within Leopardstown Heights, however the most effective location generally accepted by LHRA is Mount Eagle Way. Whilst this will not eradicate commuter traffic completely, it is anticipated that levels will drop considerably.
the temporary closure is contingent upon the completion of the Murphystown Parallel Road, with periodic reviews of the effects on traffic patterns. The first review to commence in early 2007.

To Snr. Executive Engineer, DLRCoCo Transportation Department
I have read the content of this message, and I would like to inform you of my opinion regarding the placement of a temporary road closure on Mount Eagle Way;
…. Yes, I am in favour of this traffic measure

…. No, I am not in favour of this traffic measure

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