Area Improvements

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Area Improvements

Each year we take on one major challenge…

In 2016 the project was “Bench for the Green”.

In early December 2016 we finally got our bench for the green. The new bench is located close to the play area with a great view out over Dublin bay. Thanks in no small part to Cllr Lynsey McGovern for her assistance is working with the council to get us the bench.

In 2013 the project was “Fence behind the MUGA”.

Fence behind the MUGA:- The erection of a palisade fence will begin in September 2013. This will seal off all pedestrian access to the green from Leopardstown Road through a derelict house and is the collaborative actions of LHRA committee,  DLRCoCo, and the derelict house owner.


In 2012 it was The Mound

2012   The Mound! A very unsightly waste area by the Park Entrance was transformed





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