Our Committee

The affairs of the residents association are managed by a voluntary Committee elected at the LHRA Annual General Meeting. The Committee is composed of a minimum of 3 officers a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and a maximum of 12 persons to include 3 officers and up to 9 ordinary committee members thus making a maximum of 12 voting committee members. The Committee must meet at least four times a year as per our constitution. Typically the committee meets 9 times in a calendar year. A quorum for a committee meeting is 3 members. Members are elected at the AGM and the Committee can fill any vacancies by co-option between AGMs.

Tara Byrne – Mount Eagle Rise

Angela Baker – Mount Eagle Drive

Niall Hurley – Mount Eagle View

Roads & Planning
Billy Wallace – Mount Eagle View

Local Policing Forum Representative
Billy Wallace – Mount Eagle View

Simon Maguire – Mount Eagle Court

Dave O’Gorman – Mount Eagle Park

Eleanor Connolly – Mount Eagle Drive

Jean Gargan-Smith – Murphystown Road